Monday, March 27, 2006

TV: The Greatest Television Show---EVER!

Was that a classic episode of The Sopranos last night or what? Edie Falco just won herself another Emmy, and it was great to see real life husband and wife Steve and Maureen Van Zandt finally given some significant scenes together. So, like the conversation between Gabby & Silvio in last night's episode, do you think Maureen has ever turned to Little Steven round the Van Zandt household and asked, "So, god forbid something should happen to Bruce, have you ever thought about who would become boss of the E Street Band?" :)


Anonymous said...

"ghostbusters! another fucking money maker!"

-Dave Collett

Anonymous said...

As much as I love the Sopranos, I'm finding myself more infactuated by Big Love -- which follows it on HBO on Sunday nights. It has Bill Paxton (Chet from Weird Science) as the polygamous father figure for three families and the owner of an aspiring Home Depot'ish business. Madcap hilarity and gratuitous sexual overtones continue to ensue. It also gives me all sorts of things to say to my wife. Like: "Would you like me to lay a blessing?" Then I chime in with the many benefits of plural marriages, such as the sharing of household chores. Oh! And three more words to make this my pick for the "next 6 Feet Under": Harry Dean Stanton. Sure, he mainly plays the role of Harry Dean Stanton... But this is a role of a lifetime because he gets to have multiple teenage wives.

But, yet, Big Love seems not to be getting a whole lotta love just yet. What gives?

Anonymous said...

What gives?
-No Carm.
-No Janice.
-No Rosalie Abrile!
-No SILVIO! and the newly-deified MRS. Silvio!
-No fuckin ziti!

Anonymous said...


But Harry Dean Motherfuckin Stanton!

And Bill Paxton! Chet! (I believe he also was in Aliens.)

Anonymous said...

..and his masterpiece, "One False Move".
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