Sunday, March 26, 2006

STEVE ROCK: Undertow Homecoming Show/Duck Room 3/25/06

Thanks to all who came out to the big Undertow show last night at the Duck Room. Turned out to be a very special evening. All three bands kicked ass, the alcohol flowed, and much love was shared on stage and off. And big congrats to Magnolia Summer’s ace guitarist John Horton, who missed performing with the band last night for the birth of his daughter, Grace.

Ok, time for the Love Experts to head back down Joe Thebeau’s basement to finish recording our album. Meanwhile, keep an eye out in May & June for the release of new albums by Magnolia Summer and Waterloo. I just heard both of them and they’re great!

Mark Ray, Chris Grabau, & Joe Thebeau in dressing room pre-show rehearsal of Big Star's "Ballad Of El Goodo".


The Love Experts with disco ball!

Steve Carosello & Joe Thebeau duet on a couple of tunes by mutual heroes The Mutton Birds.

Magnolia Summer

Last call hootenanny with Grabau, Thebeau, Carosello & Ray.

5 comments: said...

Damn, was that a magical evening! From start to finish, the warmth, the fun and the overabundance of TALENT in the room was an emabarssment of riches. Thank you for taking (most of ;) those photos and sharing them with us.

steve scariano said...

And thank you for taking the others!

Anonymous said...

maybe a photo credit and a link to someone's photo website... ;-)

tonypatti said...

Sorry I missed this show! My back went out. What wretched luck. Next time!

Anonymous said...

We missed you too, but your back was there and we had some laughs.