Wednesday, May 31, 2006

POLITICS/MUSIC: The 50 Greatest Conservative Rock Songs

Many of us I'm sure could go on for hours about this, but why bother? Nonetheless, get a load of this heaping pile of bullshit!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

STEVE ROCK: Finn's Motel Sampler Offer

I’m happy to announce September 19 as the release date for the Finn’s Motel album Escape Velocity, an album I am very proud and honored that Joe Thebeau asked me to play on. I’ll say it now folks, this record kicks some major rock ass and you will dig it. Scat Records is currently offering up a four-song sampler from the record. For details on how to get it, as well as a new Finn’s Motel mp3, click here.

Monday, May 15, 2006

POLITICS: Don't Forget This One

This just in from Bizarro World, courtesy of America Blog. Don't forget this one folks, and use it as liberally and often as possible.

STEVE ROCK: We Came, We Rocked, We Froze!

Who would have thought that during the middle of May we’d have cold to deal with for the outside festivities at last Saturday’s Vintage Vinyl 25th Anniversary Party? Vintage Vinyl Promotions Manager Jim Utz summed up the unseasonable weather best when he referred to it as “hay ride weather.” Nonetheless we Love Experts and Magnolia Summer turned in solid sets reprezentin’ for the Undertow label. Thanks again to all at Vintage Vinyl for having us.

Here's Vintage Vinyl co-owner Tom "Papa" Ray blowing space harp with us during "Frog Song". Left to right: Dave Collett, Ray, Dominic Finocchio, Steve Carosello.

Yes, we're freezing! Left to right: Collett, Finocchio, Carosello, Bob Trammel, yours truly.

Bob, Steve, & me.

The great Bob Trammel.

The Steves from the rear.

Dominic on the Hagstrom 12 string.

Our fearless leader in his insanely cool Schnell Fenster jacket.

The great Magnolia Summer.

Chris Grabau brings it.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

STEVE ROCK: Love Experts At Vintage Vinyl Anniversary Party

The Love Experts are playing Vintage Vinyl's 25th Anniversary Party this Saturday, May 13th. We go on at 1pm on the outside stage on Leland Ave, right next to the store. For more information and schedule of performers for the event, click here.

Our Undertow Records homies Magnolia Summer follow us on the bill, and will perform at 2pm. Their new album From Driveways' Lost View kicks major ass. Band leader Chris Grabau has informed me that Saturday's performance will feature the three guitar lineup of the band, so don't miss it.

And on Saturday night our good friends City Squirrel, from Charlottesville, VA, will be performing at Mokabe's Coffeehouse at Grand & Arsenal. City Squirrel is led by the great pop songwriter and former St. Louisan Stephan Bayley, and were last seen in this town a couple of years ago as The Hungry Mind Review. They're pretty great.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

POLITICS: Howie On Missouri Senate Race

The great Howie Klein weighs in on the Missouri Senate race on his blog Down With Tyranny, here. I've stated here before that Claire McCaskill is the real deal, and it's never too early to cut her campaign a check if you can spare the scratch...