Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me...

Yep, today is my & Jon Stewart's birthday. Guess who's older? I'm going to forgo any celebrating until Friday, when Little Steven's Underground Garage Rolling Rock And Roll Show rolls into Mississippi Nights with the New York Dolls, the Supersuckers, The Charms (yeah baby!), the Chesterfield Kings, and our home girls, The Misses.

Funny how time and the fates work. Last time I saw David Jo & Sylvain on a stage together it was 28 years ago at Mississippi Nights. Little Steven's efforts should be celebrated and supported, so hey everybody---go see this damn show already! At $20 it's the bargain of the year, and who knows, if it's well attended maybe St. Louis will become a regular stop on future Underground Garage tours. See you there?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

POLITICS: Election Results

It all feels like a dream right now, as in did this really happen or are we gonna wake up and find the results to be the opposite? I imagine this must be how some Red Sox fans must have felt at first when they finally won the World Series....

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

POLITICS: My Vote...

My polling place on Juniata in South St. Louis was hopping with a lot of people when I went in to vote at 7am, but I was in and out in about 7 minutes. I stayed as far away from the wicked touch screen machines as I could, and went with the paper ballot option. This time out that option was a giant sheet that reminded me somewhat of how the SAT test looked back in the stoneage when I took it. You had to completely fill in the oval with ink next to the candidate's name or the yes or no choice for the initiatives. I liked that, again more like high school, and no hanging chads. Then instead of dropping it into a big locked box like normal, you had to put it into a slot that sucked it into a "machine". My heart sunk a little as next to that slot I saw in big bold letters the word: DIEBOLD. I thought to myself, "Gee, this thing sure looks like a big selective paper shredder..." And who can say it isn't?