Sunday, March 26, 2006

MUSIC: Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 at SXSW/Caribbean Lights 3/15/06 & The Dog & Duck Pub 3/18/06

The next time someone tells you nothing is happening in American rock n' roll, shut 'em the fuck up by ramming Steve Wynn and his incredible band the Miracle 3 down their throat. I had the pleasure of catching two great SW&M3 shows at SXSW, and both times they walked on water! Really not much to say, you can see my thoughts on their latest album here (scroll down a bit), except that they are one of the greatest bands playing rock music in the world today. DO NOT miss them if they come to your town! And oh yeah, Jason Victor is a budding guitar superstar. Here's hoping Steve can sign him to a lifetime contract...

Dave DeCastro, Steve Wynn, Linda Pitman, and Jason Victor.

Jason and Steve "goin' there" at the Pop Culture Press party at the Dog & Duck Pub.

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