Monday, March 20, 2006

STEVE ROCK: Back From Austin

Love Experts had a great SXSW. Saw some old friends and heroes as well as made some new friends and saw some new heroes---hello the Hazey Janes! We also played two great shows. Only rough spot on the entire trip was a drive home that saw it pour rain for 700 miles from Austin all the way to Rolla, MO., turning the drive into a grueling ordeal. Time to get some rest now, stay tuned for complete SXSW reports and photos later in the week...


tonypatti said...

Where's the close-ups of our lovely female vocalist? I can't help wanting to see her huge eyes reflecting back your trembling flash!

steve scariano said...

Sometime this week. Patience old buddy, they're worth the wait. She's still quite the stunning beauty.

Anonymous said...

If anything, her beauty is more compelling and utterly stunning than ever. "Time" has scarcely ever been a dearer friend to anyone. She is bewitching and completely and overwhelmingly irresistible.
-Happy talk said...

And "Happy Talk" is now her google-eyed towel-carrying best friend, so he's kind of like a cult member refusing to be deprogrammed.
And I'm jealous as ALL hell!

Anonymous said...

To quote The Great Man, Don McGlashan (if I may):

"I would throw the winning numbers away.
Someone else can be drunk on Page One
Cause I'm not changing places with anyone.
All the people that I dreamed of being,
They can go back to sleep.
Their appointments, I can keep for another day.
I don't care."

He ALWAYS says it best!