Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Al Franken and I at the meet & greet that followed his radio broadcast today from Graham Chapel.


www.tobyweiss.com said...

That pictures is BRILLIANT! Definitely one to carry in the wallet.
There WILL be a more detailed account, right? Please.

steve scariano said...

Yeah, it's a good picture of Al. We talked a little about the Grateful Dead, as it's the only music he plays on his radio show.

I wasn't planning on a detailed account, as I figured (hoped?) many of you had listened or will at least catch it through the Air America archived shows, hence my inclusion of the link to Al's show.

It was a typical Franken show, great stuff, but no big surprises. He did a nice phone interview with Claire McCaskill, who is going to be a great senator after she defeats fuckwad Jim Talent this November, mark my words. One pleasant surprise was arriving and finding that PROMO head Julie Bruggerman was to be one of the guests, and her segment did turn out to be the best of the day. I've attended a few bbqs & parties that she's been at, and she's really great, as is the organization she heads.

steve scariano said...

And here's a link for those interested in learning about PROMO:

Anonymous said...

nice one steve! Maybe one for the LE press kit?!?


Anonymous said...

This photo would mistakenly lead the viewer to believe that Mr. Scariano now sports a vintage Peter Gabriel look, as in "Foxtrot"-era Genesis. I want to assure you that nothing could be further from the truth.

-Happy talk

steve scariano said...

Though I'm quite familiar and am a fan of Foxtrot era Genesis & Gabriel, I have no idea what Happy Talk is talking about... :)