Sunday, April 02, 2006

MUSIC: Paul Kean, Donk Bass God

On my 3/23 post on the Bats (scroll down), Happy Talk left the following for me in the comments section:
"How about sharing your observations of Paul Kean's wonderfully unique bass style...."

Well Happy Talk, it’s a bit of a hard style to describe, but I will say the Bats wouldn’t be the Bats without it. The instrument carrying the heaviest load in their dense wall of melody, Kean’s bass is often their "lead guitar." Inventive and intelligently melodic, Kean's lines hold down the bottom end of things nicely as well---another feat given the Bats’ quiet and minimal use of drums. From a technical standpoint I really don’t know how to put it all into words, except the guy just kinda takes off for "other places" with his playing, and lands beautifully every time. And often while "going there" Kean breaks into an odd yet sweet little jig, enhancing the overall visual wonderfulness of the Bats live.

And here’s a few photos of Kean playing that wacky bass of his. One of the strangest looking basses I have ever seen, it’s high mid-rangy tone is key to the trademark Bats’ sound. Drinks are on me to anyone out there who can identify what the hell kind of bass it is, cause I sure have no idea. Crazy kiwi... :)

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Anonymous said...

Pretty sure that is homemade.