Saturday, April 01, 2006

FRIENDS: "What the hell are YOU doing here?"

Had some time to kill before going to hear Ray Davies speak, so we checked out Flatstock, an exhibition of rock poster art presented by SXSW. So the first booth we encounter upon entering and who do I see hawking his posters but my old homie Guy Burwell! We haven’t seen each other in years, and neither of us had any idea the other was in Austin. In the early ‘90's Guy and I toiled together behind the counter at the old original Euclid Records location. Guy kept me in constant laughs every day and also turned me on to a lot of great bands, like Acetone & Oasis. It was always a "trip" working with him. :)

Some of you St. Louisans may remember the great gig posters Guy created back in the day for the old Cicero’s or the cover he designed for Bunnygrunt’s Action Pants album. Guy also did an absolutely fantastic job on the poster & T-shirt design for the Lindsey-Shelton Memorial Show the Shemps put on in 2004, which I am eternally grateful to him for. Guy now lives in Portland, Oregon, and his artwork can be seen, here.

That's me on the left and Burwell on the right, "shocked and stunned---very stunned" as the Rutles say, to be seeing each other again... :)


little red lopez said...

ok. so now there's a sxsw "flatstock"? jeez, talk about overload. film, speakers, band after band after band. i would probably spend all of my money on posters and have to walk home. thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Guy also do those great caricatures of Blown?


Anonymous said...

It took willpower that I typically do not possess to not buy stacks of them for upcoming Christmas presents for those I routinely gift and those I barely know. It was astonishing to see the high level every single artist represented was working at, and there were, literally, hundreds of display booths. The only downside for me was, predictably, the same bands were grotesquely over-represented as poster topics, and, also predictably, they were bands about which I care Not One Bit.

Coolest Burwell sidebar: his booth was one of the first seen as you entered the giant exhibition hall! Excellent placement, which could not help but work in his favor.

Happy Talk

Chris H. said...

Nice pic of you and The Guy! I've seen his artwork since the Euclid days around and aboot, and it's fantastic (like that's a surprise).

steve scariano said...

He sure did, as well as the classic "Boylecles" collection. :)