Friday, April 14, 2006

POLITICS/RADIO: Al Franken Show Tour Stop In St. Louis

The Al Franken Show will broadcast live from Graham Chapel at Washington University, on Tuesday, April 25. For ticket info, click here.


Patrick said...

That's still around? ;)

steve scariano said...

Remember the good time we had back in 1996 when we went to hear Al speak at Library Ltd., and he autographed your copy of Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Idiot?

Patrick said...

word...I loaned it to Steve Pick and he has never given it back.

I remember liking him on SNL, too.

Weren't you once a raving, obsessive fan of Dennis Miller's? what was your point?

steve scariano said...

No point, just wondering if you remembered when we went to see Al?

As for Miller, I'll apply the term he uses to describe his famous transformation to myself: "9/11 changed everything." :)

Anonymous said...

Tea party over already? Dang.