Sunday, December 04, 2005

TV: Thank you Larry!

I know I'm in the minority among fans of Curb Your Enthusiasm for thinking this, but in my opinion the just concluded Season 5 may have been the best season of the show yet. It certainly was the most over the top and the sickest. It felt like Larry David and Jeff Garlin wanted to see just how far they could take the show this year, and I think they succeeded, cause they sure let loose with some crazy, crazy shit. And now that Arrested Development finds it's days of existence on Fox sadly numbered, I guess CYE will soon be all alone as the funniest show on tv.


Anonymous said...

I hadn't much enjoyed this season of Curb until last night's season finale. Very, very funny sh-t!

They pulled out all the stops.


steve scariano said...

Ali G and Dustin Hoffman as "Larry's guys" in heaven, was a hoot...

Steve Pick said...

I suppose I should actually check out the finale before commenting, but, as I've told you in person, I was way disappointed with Curb this year. In fact, I stopped watching it three weeks ago, and I haven't felt any void in my life as a result.

In the past, people around Larry went about their business as relatively normal human beings. They may have had their quirks, but they weren't completely crazy. As a result, when Larry acted like a self-involved schlub, the friction made for hilarity. This season, everybody was nuts, and as a result, the laughs were few and far between.

Far funnier these days is Call Me Earl and the Office, a one-two punch full of those squirming funny moments where you can't believe you're seeing what you're seeing.

steve scariano said...

I'd still give CYE Season 5 a chance when the dvd comes out Steve, or tivo it when HBO runs all the episodes on New Year's Eve. Your assessment of this season is correct, everyone on the show this year was nuts, except for Cheryl of course, but I think that's the statement Larry was trying to make. At least see the finale, it's a trip!

And boy have I missed the boat on this Earl show. Way too late to jump in now, but I'll definitely be checking it out when it comes out on dvd, cause way too many people like you whose opinions I trust are raving about it.