Thursday, August 10, 2006

STEVE ROCK: Last Exit Brooklyn

Finn's Motel will be playing the Magnetic Field Cocktail Lounge in Brooklyn, NYC on Saturday, October 21. More east coast live dates to come...


Chris H. said... DC mebbe?

Dinner & drinks on The Kid!

steve scariano said...

Griff's putting the live dates together for us, hopefully he'll get us something down your way. Your culinary expertise is reason enough to play DC!

Anonymous said...

Opt for Baltimore, The Charm City. Screw playing DC - too dangerous these days, boys. Sorta like when we played Oklahoma City back in 1995 - we bombed!

steve scariano said...

Yeah, but if The Kid is offering food, then it's probably worth the risk to life & limb a venture to DC might bring... :)

Chris H. said...

There are actually a coupla decent places to play in NoVA without having to risk the scary neighborhood The Black Cat is in or the jackholes who seem to have taken over the 9:30.

Jammin' Java is this place about 4 miles up the road from my restaurant, in Vienna. Used to be a pseudo-Christian coffeehouse (try not to laugh out loud) but it's under new ownership who are fairly serious about bringing in solid music acts to play. Plus, they have a bar now and a liquor license. Saw Wynnie and The Miracle 3 there this past spring, and if it's good enough for them...well, just sayin'.

Other places in NoVA where you won't get killed or have your gear stolen: Iota or Birchmere.