Saturday, August 05, 2006

POLITICS: Alter's No-Stem Pledge

With an initiative on the ballot this November, the stem cell debate is a big deal here in Missouri, and the rest of the country will be closely watching how we vote on it. As the debate heats up, Newsweek's Jonathan Alter offers a great curveball to throw back at those who are anti-cure and anti-science. Check it out, here.

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Anonymous said...

Alter's idea is a brilliant one, but I fear it still would not get the results one might want. How many members of Congress have displayed the slightest inkling of the concept of there actually being a "tomorrow"? It brings to mind Paul & Linda McCartney's most spectacular failing: their ongoing public condemnation of animal research in medicine, which principle was handily tossed aside when Linda required more aggressive treatment options which were made possible by - you guessed it - animal research. I have to wonder if some of Sir Paul's bad luck of late was a good hard slap from Old Man Karma.
-Happy Talk