Thursday, August 31, 2006

POLITICS: Keith Olbermann, Patriot

The great Keith Olbermann knocks one out of the park and tears Donald Rumsfeld a new one, here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking that bit. Great stuff.

Is anyone on the 'right' listening, though?

Gotta wonder.


steve scariano said...

This is one of the greatest things an American mainstream tv newsperson has done in the last six years! If you have a chance to watch the video of it (it's all over the internet today) do so---seeing Keith's delivery is a must!

Anonymous said...

Can't help noting the location: Salt Lake City. He was playing to his crowd. His actual speaking voice and delivery never fail to remind me of the "It's Pat!" character portrayed by Julia Sweeney on SNL.

James said...

In politics as in art, music, literature, work, family, friendship, you speak your truth(s) whether anyone is listening or not. Clarity of purpose and belief make for relevance. One just hopes the callous on our foreheads from repeated banging eventually hardens enough to knock even a small glory-hole in the brick.