Wednesday, August 23, 2006

STEVE ROCK: Finn's Motel Live Debut

Finn's Motel will make our live debut at 9pm this Friday, August 25, at Off Broadway.

And a little Finn's Motel publicity blurb, here.


Chris H. said...

One of the things I wondered about listening to the first four songs--it sounds like it could sorta be a concept album. Is it? The publicity copy sort of hints at it.

No big deal either way, just something that crossed my mind.

steve scariano said...

Maybe you can ask Joe about that on Friday, Chris. I'm just the bass player... :)

steve scariano said...

Oh but wait, you won't be here on Friday, will you? Still time to catch a plane, bro... :)

Chris H. said...

Like Imma be at Off Broadway on Friday.

Dude, it's Travers Weekend, and my boy Bernardini is gonna lap the field; I gotta be all about that.