Tuesday, March 20, 2007

STEVE ROCK: Prisonshake SXSW Review

From Annie Zaleski's Riverfront Times SXSW blog:

Prisonshake came out of hibernation on Friday night and blew the roof off the absurd scene at a venue called the Blender (as in, magazine) Bar at the Ritz. Playing on a small half-moon stage draped by red curtains that was dwarfed by a giant Texas flag continuously waving on a TV over the bar (à la a yule log), the post-everything group schooled younger bands in what raw, dirty and messy sounds like. Riveting vocalist Doug Enkler contorted his body and flailed around the tiny stage howling like a man possessed – and nearly beheaded bandmates several times with the mic stand — as the group jumped from gnarled noise, metal snarls, doom-disco, post-garage and instrumental psych-rock. (Enkler’s self-deprecating stage banter, of which there were too many instances to mention, also entertained nearly as much.) Anticipation for Prisonshake’s upcoming album(s) Year of the Donk: high.

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js said...

OK, post-everything AND raw,dirty,and messy? Yr freakin me out, man!