Thursday, March 22, 2007

STEVE ROCK: Prisonshake at SXSW: Blender Bar 3/16/07

We rocked the nut particularly hard in front of a really great crowd at Blender Bar. Threw a little donk in for good measure, too. Enkler was truly on fire and delivered a heroic performance of hot rock...

Doug Enkler & me.

More Enk & me.

Robert Griffin & Enk.

More Griff & Enk.

Me, Enk, & Joe Thebeau.

These are the jokes, lady...

(Photos by Tom Lunt)

1 comment:

Chris H. said...

Good lord.

In my mind's eye, the PH factor still looks like Tobey Maguire, circa PLEASANTVILLE.

In these pics, he looks...not old, but...all grown up and shit.

Damn I'd have loved to have been there.