Wednesday, February 01, 2006

POLITICS: SOTU-A Pox On Both Their Houses

Bush's State Of The Union address, as well as Tim Kaine's embarrassing Democratic Response sickened me. I'll forgo the laundry list of horrors, but will point out that I found Bush's sly swipe at homosexuals being the supposed cause of the country's moral decline to be particularly vile, yet of course, no surprise. If Karl Rove's 2006 campaign strategy could be likened to the programming of a classic rock radio station, then terrorism fear mongering would be Dark Side Of The Moon, and gay bashing would be "Stairway To Heaven".

But the most shameful of all last night were the six, count 'em, six lines of absolute nothingness devoted to Katrina recovery, with Kaine's words on the subject every bit as empty. Here's the deal people: NEW ORLEANS HAS VANISHED AND YOUR GOVERNMENT COULD GIVE A RAT'S ASS ABOUT IT!!! But what about that 85 billion? It's just an allocation folks, and more and more it's looking like no one is actually interested in ways to effectively spend it---especially if you're looking for a plan to help the dispersed poor folks of New Orleans move back home.

The Democratic Response left me ashamed to be a Democrat. We had Bush set up like a bowling pin, and we threw a gutter ball.


tonypatti said...

I could say I'm merely disgusted by the conservative and spoineless direction the Democratic party has taken, but wouldn't it be better to try to figure out how to fire all the motherfuckers in charge of the organization and start over fresh?

Something must be done to revitalize the party, and I say it's time to start fireing motherfuckers!

Steve Pick said...

Dang! What an inspired metaphor, the 70s classic rock radio of Karl Rove's scheming mind.

steve scariano said...

I guess the "we're addicted to oil" line doesn't bode well for Sammy Hagar's "I Can't Drive 55" on that station, eh? :)

Dana S said...

I'll bet anything the word "addicted" came from Rove. I thought this whole war in Iraq was suppose to get us cheap oil, I guess it hasn't worked out like they thought so now it's all "we depend too much on foreign oil".