Tuesday, February 07, 2006

POLITICS: Don't Trust Him, Don't Trust Him, Don't Trust Him

You know I get asked all the time by folks from all sides of the political spectrum, "What do you think about John McCain, would you ever vote for him?" My answer is always the same:

1. Aw hell no, I don't see any scenario possible that would ever lead me to voting for McCain, even if it was a choice between him and Joe Lieberman. And I really hate Joe Lieberman.

2. What do I think of McCain? I say don't trust him, don't trust him, don't trust him.

Daily Kos provides an amazing example, here.


Anonymous said...

Fucking PRICK!
-Happy talk

Anonymous said...

Why are you not live-blogging the Grammys? Jesus, I just saw Mary J Bilge with U2 and there isn't enough Immodium in the world.