Tuesday, January 31, 2006

TV/POLITICS: All Hail The Daily Show

The Daily Show is not only the funniest show on television, it is now arguably the most important. This video clip, courtesy of Crooks And Liars, is another of the endless examples why. Scroll down to the heading, TDS: Oprah vs News.


Anonymous said...

great segment on the Daily Show of so many . Took the Oprah story and enlarged it to observing the national character regarding protecting liars and ignoring truth. great stuff. Maureen Dowd used the same angle in her last editorial reprinted in Tuesday mornings Post Dispatch.


Anonymous said...

MANOHMAN did I ever need The Daily Show - and the magnificent unmissable Colbert Report - to cover this Big Story (sic) the way they did. Please contrast Queen Oprah's complete outrage regarding this particular Completely Harmless Truth-Stretching (or whatever) to her fawning welcome of the repugnant reptile Cuntalezza Rice: bald-faced liar, incompetent phony, destructive uncaring ice-cold lesbian BEEYOTCH!
Oh, yes, and "discriminating* consumer of fine footwear".

*word choice intentional

-Happy talk