Thursday, February 05, 2009

MUSIC: Lux Interior RIP

Ron Asheton and now Lux? Damn. Lux Interior was a pure rock and roll genius. A once in a lifetime talent of immeasurable impact. Life changing impact. Lux and the Cramps are so important and transcendent and I am forever in awe. Did the guy ever once compromise the integrity of his “thing?” I think not. Few walk out of here with that in their back pocket. And no man ever rocked harder in heels…

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RJAquad said...

I first saw the Cramps at a house on Lake Erie outside of Cleveland in 1978. It was a July 4th concert where they performed on top of a clift with all of us on the beach below. I didn't know anything about them but my girlfriend was a mainstay on the Cleveland punk scene so she dragged me along. Lux punctuated the show at the end of the last song by falling off the clift down through a pile of brush. We didn't know if it was intentional or if he really fell. We heard a bunch of thrashing and all of the sudden the truimphant Lux was there was us on the beach.


The warm up band was a local Cleveland guy called Bernie and the Invisibles, just one guy on electric guitar.