Thursday, February 05, 2009

MUSIC: The Big Holsapple-Stamey Weekend

The great Peter Holsapple and Chris Stamey played three shows at three St. Louis venues over 48 hours last weekend. Wonderful sets all that included “Nothing is Wrong” (my all-time favorite dBs song), “Black & White,” “Cara Lee,” “If & When” (still one of the greatest indie rock singles ever), “Something Came Over Me”, “Big Brown Eyes,” “Neverland”, all your favorites from the Mavericks album, great new songs from their upcoming album, covers of The Everly Brothers' “Lord Of The Manor” and “Let It Be Me”, a cover of Family's “My Friend The Sun”, etc. etc., etc.

Chris Stamey (left) & Peter Holsapple (right) at the Wood House Concert

At Euclid Records

At Off Broadway

And Roy Kasten posted a clip on Youtube from the Off Broadway show of the boys performing Gene Clark's "Here Without You."

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