Monday, November 28, 2005

MUSIC: Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Class Of 2006

Despite it's many flaws and frustrations, I happen to think the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is something that should definitely exist. Today they announced their inductees for 2006:

The Sex Pistols: About fucking time!

Blondie: Looking back, I think a lot of of us who loved them during their day didn't even realize then at the time how important they were, so it's very good to see them get in. Their first four albums are all bonafide classics.

Miles Davis: Well, duh!

Herb Alpert & Jerry Moss: It's easy to forget what a nice little major label A&M was, once upon a time back in the day. And their faith in great English bands like The Move, Free, Humble Pie, & Procol Harum is worthy enough for entrace into The Hall for Alpert & Moss.

Black Sabbath: Sure, why not.

Lynyrd Skynyrd: I am forever proud that I walked out to the lobby as fast as I could halfway through the first song of their set opening for the Who on the Quadrophenia tour in 1973. And believe me, I never looked back at them again throughout the rest of their career---what a bunch of horrible rubbish! It certainly comes as no surprise then to see what's passing for the band these days shilling for Bush/Cheney. Fuck 'em then and fuck 'em now!

And yet another year goes by with no induction for Iggy/and or The Stooges! His/their omission from The Hall is criminally embarrassing at this point, and now borders on the comical, it's so glaring. I'll stand by my long-running theory as to why: Iggy's various ups & downs & "mis-adventures" throughout his career wound up costing a lot of schmoes in the record industry fair amounts of unrecoupable money. And if there's one thing that you can count on, it's these motherfuckers never forgetting when someone has cost them a dime or two. So undoubtedly a lot of industry weasels who vote on Hall Of Fame inductees still have it out for poor old Iggy. What a bunch of horseshit.

But since Iggy's exclusion is something that has come to be expected, the real surprise this year is that in their first year of eligibility, REM failed to get in. What the fuck, could there have been a more obvious choice? Weird...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but . . .Miles Davis is ROCK 'N ROLL?

steve scariano said...

Check out Bitches Brew and A Tribute To Jack Johnson and get back to me...

Anonymous said...

Funny, I just heard Jim DiRogatis, the asine rock critic for the Sun-Times, talk about the R&R Hall of Fame on WGN Radio yesterday. He commented on how "fixed" the voting was since it was essentially controlled by Jann Wenner i.e. Rolling Stone Magazine and their closest and dearest "friends" in the industry. He said the voting procedure was a sham and that the 1 year he got to vote when he was then deputy editor for RS that it was a joke.

Whatever machinations take place to get someone inducted, you are so right. Iggy is was overdue!

Love the blog,

Your favorite redhead

Anonymous said...

About Miles - I wasn't being a smartass or willfully testy by any means. Merely intrigued and wondering. Thanks!

steve scariano said...

Yes, it was quite obvious your aim was true. Do check out those albums by Miles though, no home should be without them..

Anonymous said...

I love the rnrhall o fame and so do my kids. If you go, make time for the cleveland art museum too.

My inductee soon list: bacharach
And cheap trick. C'mon now!