Saturday, November 26, 2005

MUSIC: "Hope I LIVE because of it!"

"My Generation: We had dreams...we had dreams, man. And we fucking created George Bush!
New Generations: Rise up! Rise up! Take the streets. The world is yours...change it. CHANGE IT!"
---Patti Smith, "My Generation", June 25, 2005, Royal Festival Hall, London

Need a better reason to run out and buy Patti Smith's new Horses/Horses The Legacy Edition than the above rant from her live version of "My Genreation" from it? Then how about the great resmastering job they did to the classic album. And then how about the bonus disc of Patti's live recreation of Horses from last summer's Meltdown Festival in London, featuring Tom Verlaine and Flea augmenting her terrific band. She and band deliver breathtaking performances resulting in what is easily one of the greatest live albums ever recorded. Yes folks, I said one of the greatest live albums ever recorded...

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