Thursday, April 03, 2008

STEVE ROCK: Prisonshake Album Release Date

July 29th is the big day for our Dirty Moons double album. Official word (and dig that album cover!) from the Scat Records site, here.


James said...

That is one boss LP cover, sir. I said God DAMN. Now, whose moon is that, exactly?

Can't wait to buy the rekkid, yo.

p.s. : Half Moon Bay has been blowing my puny mortal brain (how did it take me so many years to realize how friggin' pheeeenomenal that tune is?!) for the last week.

steve scariano said...

You ain't seen nuthin' yet, boss. The rest of the lp packaging is equally mind blowing on many levels...

You know I have a coffee mug from the northern California town of Half Moon Bay, famous for it's annual pumpkin festival. Dunno if Ian's ever been there, but... :)