Sunday, February 03, 2008

POLITICS: For Barack Obama

You should (hopefully) know where Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton stand on the issues by now, so I'll keep it simple by posing the following two questions:

1. After two terms of Bush-Cheney, are you ready for another co-presidency? The Clintons are making no bones that this is what will be if Senator Clinton is elected.

2. Who do you think has the most realistic chance of beating John McCain? If you don't think electability may be the most important issue of all, then take a look at what the Republicans are doing. They are holding their collective noses and nominating John McCain because they know he is their only candidate that can not only defeat The Clintons, but defeat them convincingly. If The Clintons are nominated and then lose to McCain, it will not only be a disaster for the country, but it will render the Democratic Party impotent for another 20 years and maybe even obsolete. As of today, national polling shows McCain defeating The Clintons, while Obama defeats McCain. In the debate last Thursday, Obama took the lead and continually took it to McCain by fearlessly and effectively attacking him. Yes, if Obama is the nominee the Republicans will come as hard and ugly against him as they will against The Clintons, but hard reality is showing the GOP are terrified of having to run against Obama. Terrified.

If you are voting in a primary on Tuesday, cast a vote against fear. Please vote for Barack Obama.

Here's the view from where I stood among 20,000 people last night at the Obama rally at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis.

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