Saturday, December 22, 2007

MUSIC: Faves Of 2007

My favorite music of 2007, presented in alphabetical order:

Carbon/Silicon---The Last Post

Peter Case---Let Us Now Praise Sleepy John

Jarvis Cocker---Jarvis

The Coral---Roots And Echoes

The Detroit Cobras---Tied & True

John Doe---A Year In The Wilderness

Mitch Easter---Dynamico

Bryan Ferry---Dylanesque

John Fogerty---Revival

Future Clouds And Radar---Future Clouds And Radar

The Go---Howl On The Haunted Beat You Ride

Ian Hunter---Shrunken Heads

Richard Lloyd---The Radiant Monkey

Midwest Music Liquidators---Various recordings only available (for now) on their myspace page.

The Museum Mutters---Various recordings only available (for now) on their myspace page.

Outrageous Cherry---Stay Happy

Prince---Planet Earth

The Skeletons---Alive In The Nineties

Son Volt---The Search

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band---Magic

The Stabilisers---Wanna do the Wild Plastic Brane Love Thing?

Stephen Stills---Just Roll Tape

Ben Vaughn---Designs In Music

Wilco---Sky Blue Sky


James said...

Wow, that's some phenomenal company you put us in! Thanks, sir!

We play Saturday, 1/5/7 at the Tap Room with the Wormwood Scrubs and Quief Quota for FREEFREEFREE!

-James/The Museum Mutters

Cynthia said...

ahhhh, I knew I could count on you to have Ian Hunter on your list.....

steve scariano said...

Well Cynthia, the old boy certainly earned it, didn't he? It's one of the best records of his career. Loved the political leanings, especially his take on Bush & company in the title track, and "How's Your House?" is the best song yet about Katrina, in my opinion.

Cynthia said...

He sure did----it's an amazing album----and my 5 year old son Owen, who is kind of mini-Ernie, loves it too.

I totally agree that it's one of the best of his career. Seeing him at House of Blues this summer was one of the highlights of my year.....

Happy New Year Steve!

Secret Leaves said...

Michael is really liking Peter Case right now too. Also, I tried to listen to the John Doe CD this morning, but alas, my CD player rejected it, declaring "No disc." Now I am more curious to hear it than ever.


Silly Bus said...

Interesting Post!!!