Tuesday, August 07, 2007

MUSIC: Are you ready, boots?

Lee Hazlewood, RIP...


Anonymous said...

I recently played Dino Desi & Billy version of Slim Harpo's Scratch My Back on the strength of it being produced by Lee Hazlewood expecting it to supply a chuckle instead I was supprised at how good it was.
Genius or not he was a guy that worked hard & loved music.
Plus Nancy Sinatra & Ann Margret!

steve scariano said...

Yo Phil,
DD&B were indeed a lot more talented than they were ever given credit for. Dino made a few very listenable post-DD&B pop albums, and Billy went on to become a longtime member of the Beach Boys touring band during the late '60's & '70's.

Hazlewood? Definite genius in my book.

Lt. Listener said...

Hey Steve,

Just cruising your blog... last time I glanced through but never realized what a musician you are??? Is there a place here where we can hear some of your stuff???
Have you ever heard of local bands (east side) called "Partly Dave", "the Symptoms" (always thought it would be great if they could open for The Cure) These two bands were my unlce's bands for over twenty years...now he plays in a band called FreeFall.... great site Steve!...Thx LTL

steve scariano said...

Thanks Lt., and if you're referring to Springfield, MO. band the Symptoms, who were around in the late '70's, then yes, I'm quite familiar. Saw them a million times and I remain friends with members Lou Whitney & Donnie Thompson.

Lt. Listener said...


I will get back to you on that, not sure of their origin...the time frame is about right though.. Keep up the good work!