Saturday, February 03, 2007

TV: The Sarah Silverman Program

Comedy Central's The Sarah Silverman Program is the funniest new show to come along in ages. Don't miss it, it's brilliant. And she's got the cutest dog in all of television on there too!


Nick said...

What a sweet way to go to hell.

Stephanie said...

sarah silverman does not make me laugh--

at all...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up Steve. I'll have to check this show out.

Coincidentally, I net-flixed "The Aristocrats" last weekend and Sarah had a small but funny part. Have you seen that documentary?

Hysterically funny!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve. I must admit I watched this show last night and wasn't too impressed. It could have just been a "dud" episode, but the whole lesbian (I am - am not) thing seemed overdone. I'll give it another shot maybe, but initially it left me cold.

BTW, that was me who replied anonymously about "The Aristocrats".