Wednesday, August 27, 2008

STEVE ROCK: Prisonshake's Dirty Moons Out Now!

Does someone need a punch in the mouth?
"Fuck Your Self Esteem" (Enkler-Griffin), Dirty Moons Side 4, Cut 3.

Or maybe just a crazy kick ass rock n' roll record instead? The kind of old school double album like the ones you grew up with. You remember those records. You'd hit the bong a couple of times, put the headphones on, and then proceed to lose yourself in suspended belief over what you were hearing, all the while wondering what the hell they must have been smoking in order to create such a wonderful noise. Well it took us a few years, but I think we've delivered that kind of album.

In her feature on us in last week's Riverfront Times, Annie Zaleski described Dirty Moons as a record with "Hints of other artists — like Dinosaur Jr, the Stooges, Shellac, Guided By Voices, Bowie, Superchunk, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath — pass by but never linger, forming an oddly alluring, haphazard patchwork quilt of textures and sounds."
Dunno about Dinosaur Jr. (never was a fan), but I think a case can be made for Annie's comparisons, and it's an honor to be mentioned among them. Now of course some folks may disagree and not find the various jams we've laid down on Dirty Moons to be in alignment with their particular sensibilities of rock---and that's OK. There's a ton of information to absorb on Dirty Moons and it may be wise to ignore any immediate impressions until after a dozen listens or so before deciding what turns you off or on about the album. Heck, I don't even know what songs I like better than others, as that list seems to change everyday. Though each side has it's own vibe, feel free to drop the needle anywhere and let 'er rip. Again, there's a lot of variety. And don't let the various levels of lo, mid, and hi fi scare you. Unlike what you hear on most modern sounding records these days, our goal was to keep it real and not mix the passion out.

So here it is, folks. We'd love for everyone to pick up a copy or two or three. And please be aware of the love and care that went into the mastering, pressing, and packaging of the vinyl version of Dirty Moons. Those of you who swing vinyl will definitely be pleased. You should be able to find Dirty Moons in better record stores everywhere, and don't forget the easiest way to get it is always directly from Scat Records, here.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

POLITICS: Get Down And Get With It With The Obama-Biden Ticket

In the immortal words of my beloved Slade, it's time to get down and get with it with the Obama-Biden ticket.

I'm very happy with the Obama-Biden ticket. Are you? What's that you say, you're not so thrilled? That's fine, you're a Democrat---it's all about the nit picking and hand wringing with us. So I'm giving you 60 seconds to get all of your bitching, moaning, and crying over it not being Hillary or someone else out of your system. Ok, go:

Stop---time's up! There now, feel better? Good. Because it's time to quit fucking around and get on board. There is only one choice now: You're either with McCain or against him. So unless you're cool with the continuation and acceleration of ANY AND ALL of the Bush-Cheney policies of the last 8 years, then that choice is obvious. Time to get down and get with it and get against McCain. And that means really fucking hard against McCain! Are you still getting any of that "I just don't know about Obama..." silliness from people in your personal universe? Or maybe you're buying into some of that mess yourself? Fine. What you do know, or should know real clearly by now, is what John McCain is all about. So start spreading that word if it's more comfortable for you, but geez folks, by all means start spreading the word. ENGAGE, BABY! Don't fear it. The opposition certainly doesn't and they have no problem telling those they come in contact with everything they consider to be the potential evils of an Obama presidency. So it's up to you to counter back. You know the horrors that a McCain presidency will bring, so speak up! You never know who is actually listening to you and who you might be able to sway. The opposition may want to see Obama defeated way more than they want to see McCain elected, but that still means a McCain presidency. And that is simply UNACCEPTABLE ON EVERY LEVEL!!! The stakes are too high and the choice is clear. Get down and get with it...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

STEVE ROCK: Prisonshake Feature In The Riverfront Times

Annie Zaleski interviews The Griff, here. And that live action photo, snapped by the great Doug Teramura, is one of my all-time favorites of us.

Friday, August 01, 2008

STEVE ROCK: Prisonshake Dirty Moons Pre-Order

Ok kids, be the first on your block to get our double album of total mammoth rock by pre-ordering it directly from Scat Records, here.