Friday, September 24, 2010

STEVE ROCK: September Gurls And Boys Interviews

I was in the funny papers with a couple of interviews for the September Gurls & Boys tribute to Alex Chilton at Off Broadway tonight:

St. Louis Post-Dispatch interview, here.

Riverfront Times interview, here.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SEVE ROCK: September Gurls & Boys, Friday 9/24 at Off Broadway

Lineup and set times for the September Gurls & Boys tribute to Alex Chilton this Friday at Off Broadway. I'll be performing with The Remodels, Edward Burch, and The Jans Project for this show:

8:10 Grace Basement
8:30 The Remodels
8:50 The Deciders
9:10 Prairie Rehab
9:30 The Mercy Twins
9:50 Edward Burch
10:10 Boorays
10:30 Wormwood Scrubs
10:50 Magic City
11:10 Beth Bombara & the Robotic Foundation
11:30 The Jans Project
11:50 Adam Reichmann & the Ghosts of Electricity
12:10 Jimmy Griffin All Star Band

The Jans Project: (left to right) Jeff Evans, Steve Lindstrom, Steve Scariano, Nick Rudd.